Tammy Trailer Starring Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy's Sick Dance Moves Are the Star of Her New Movie

You won't get too much of the story in the teaser trailer for Melissa McCarthy's Summer comedy Tammy but you will get to see McCarthy's amazing dance moves as she hypes herself up to commit an extremely incompetent robbery. Clad in Crocs and with a paper bag on her head (but no weapon), title character Tammy (McCarthy) grooves on over to a burger place to rob them. McCarthy is still plenty hilarious even with a paper bag over her head, and this quick spot has me wanting to see more of the movie, which follows Tammy (who's recently been cheated on and fired) and her grandmother (Susan Sarandon) on a road trip (which clearly involves some light crime). Tammy comes out July 2 and also stars Kathy Bates and Mark Duplass, and you can check out the funny footage now.

Source: Warner Bros.