Olivia and Fitz's Steamiest Sex Scenes on Scandal

Olivia and Fitz's 10 Most Scandalous Sex Scenes

Olivia and Fitz's 10 Most Scandalous Sex Scenes

Since Scandal's inception, the main focus of the hit drama has been Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant. Though watching her team of gladiators tackle insane political cases with ease is fantastic, the will-they-or-won't-they pull of "Olitz" takes the cake. Whether you're rooting for Olivia and Fitz or prefer her with Jake, there's no denying that the president and his mistress have a way of lighting up the screen. Throughout the show's three seasons, we've seen plenty of scandalous moments, including them getting frisky in the Oval Office, sharing heated kisses with the Secret Service a few steps away, and even epic "one-minute" stare-downs that are arguably even more intimate than their sex scenes. Keep reading for 10 of the steamiest moments — so far. With the show returning this week, there will surely be plenty more to come.

Source: ABC


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