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31 Things Degrassi Taught You About High School

31 Things Degrassi Taught You About High School

It's been more than a decade since Degrassi: The Next Generation first took over the small screen. The follow-up to the popular '80s series Degrassi High, the second incarnation of the show taught teenagers everywhere how to feel. Those poor kids really went through the wringer over the course of our time with them: we saw eating disorders, pregnancies, a school shooting, struggles with sexuality, rape, drug use, alcohol abuse, and much, much more. But somehow, this resilient group of teens never let it get them down, and we were inspired to live our own lives of perseverance. In honor of Canada Day, keep scrolling to remember all the wonderful life lessons you learned from the Degrassi crew. Oh, and if you're looking for more ways to celebrate, you can see where Jimmy (aka Drake) is now by looking at his most hilarious memes.

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