Zombie Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Zombie Edition

This week, zombies get a new face (one that's not so terrifying) as Warm Bodies heads to the big screen. Sweet as the new film may be, zombies aren't always as romantic as Nicholas Hoult's character. Take, for example, many of the walking dead from this week's quiz. See if you can match each picture to the movie it came from to test your zombie knowledge!

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Name that movie:
The Return of the Living Dead
Cemetery Man
Dance of the Dead
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Name that movie:
28 Days Later
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Dawn of the Dead
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Name that movie:
Shaun of the Dead
Resident Evil: Retribution
Diary of the Dead
Dead Run
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Name that movie:
Land of the Dead
Dead Alive
28 Weeks Later
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Name that movie:
Night of the Living Dead
Dead Snow
House of the Dead
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