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Into the Woods: Get a Peek at All the New Pictures!

Aug 2 2014 - 3:05am

Into the Woods is set for a Christmas Day release, and while we already saw Meryl Streep in character [1] last year, we finally get an official look at the characters from the musical adaptation. Emily Blunt [2], Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick [3], and Johnny Depp [4] have key roles, and now you can see how they've been translated to the big screen! Bonus: watch the trailer [5]!

Anna Kendrick [6] as Cinderella.

Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince.

Meryl Streep [7] as the Witch.

Johnny Depp [8] as The Wolf.

Mackenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel.

Daniel Huttlestone as Jack and Tracey Ullman as Jack’s Mother.

Corden as the Baker and Emily Blunt [9] as the Baker’s Wife.

Lucy Punch as Lucinda, Christine Baranski as Cinderella’s Stepmother, and Tammy Blanchard as Florinda.

Billy Magnussen as Rapunzel’s Prince.

James Corden as the Baker and Streep as the Witch.

Corden as the Baker and Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood.

Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood.

Corden as the Baker and Blunt as the Baker’s Wife and Streep as The Witch.

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