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Counting Corpses: A Pretty Little Liars Death Toll

Jun 25 2014 - 10:00am

It's been four years since we first began our crazy, tumultuous journey with Pretty Little Liars [1], and in that time, a lot has happened. OK, maybe we haven't quite figured out who "A" is [2], but we've met quite a few members of the "A" team and seen our fair share of close calls. And, well, a lot of people have died in the process as well. With Shana's death in the season five premiere [3], we thought it was high time to look back at all the lives Rosewood has lost.

Source: ABC Family [4]

Alison DiLaurentis/Jane Doe

It isn't until halfway through season four that we find out, beyond all doubt, that Ali is alive [5]. Up until that moment, we believed she was dead and gone. We're including this one for symbolic reasons, and because, well, there's still a dead girl in that casket. It's only a matter of time before we find out who she really is.

Source: ABC Family [6]

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas dies twice, in a way. In the first season finale, Alison pushes him from the top of the church bell tower, where he gets tangled in and hung by a rope. His body disappears, however, and later appears in a barn with a massive head wound and an alleged suicide note. Creepy stuff.

Source: ABC Family [7]

Maya St. Germain

The horrifying, heartbreaking season two finale concludes with the death of Maya, leaving Emily (and us) devastated. We later find out her cousin Nate — or rather, the guy posing as her cousin Nate — is the one who does the deed.

Source: ABC Family [8]

Lyndon James/Nate St. Germain

Halfway through season three, Maya's "cousin" reveals himself to be Lyndon James, who is actually Maya's crazy stalker. Emily stabs him to death in an insane scuffle up in a lighthouse.

Source: ABC Family [9]

Garrett Reynolds

Garrett is killed off during season three's Halloween [10] episode. What's worse, though, is that Aria gets trapped in a box with his corpse.

Source: ABC Family [11]

Detective Darren Wilden

We finally find out in the fifth season premiere that it's CeCe who killed Wilden. The real twist, though, is that she did it to protect Ali.

Source: ABC Family [12]

Jessica DiLaurentis

Mrs. DiLaurentis is buried alive in the fourth season finale, and we don't even know who kills her!

Source: ABC Family [13]

Shana Fring

Aria becomes the second of the girls to actually kill someone when Shana reveals herself as another member of the "A" team. Aria sneaks up on her and knocks her to her death.

Source: ABC Family [14]

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