What's on TV For Friday, September 24, 2010

What to TiVo: Friday

  • 8:00 Modern Family (repeat)
    8:30 Better With You (repeat)
    9:00 The Whole Truth (repeat)
    10:00 20/20 (new)
    12:05 Jimmy Kimmel Live (new, with guest Joaquin Phoenix)

  • 8:00 Medium (new, season premiere)
    9:00 CSI: NY (new, season premiere)
    10:00 Blue Bloods (new, series premiere)
    11:35 The Late Show With David Letterman (new, with guests Shia LaBeouf and Jimmy Eat World)
    12:37 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (new, with guests Jason Schwartzman and Willie Nelson)

  • 8:00 Human Target (repeat)
    9:00 The Good Guys (new)

  • 8:00 Dateline NBC (new)
    10:00 Outlaw (new)
    11:35 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (new, with guest Zachary Levi)
    12:35 Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (new, with guests Blake Lively and John Legend)

  • 8:00 Smallville (new, season premiere)
    9:00 Supernatural (new, season premiere)

More shows to watch when you read more.

  • 9:00 Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (new)
    9:30 Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (repeat)
    10:00 Four Weddings (new)