What's Buzzworthy: Animated Family Movies

What's Buzzworthy: Animated Family Movies

From the looks of it, many of you also have a soft spot in your hearts for animated family movies — those cartoony films that are often marketed primarily toward children, but are totally enjoyable for adults as well. Scrolling through the titles you all suggested for this week's Buzzworthy challenge was like a pleasant walk down memory lane, though I also learned about some movies I'd never checked out. I've gathered up some noteworthy titles below, followed by a widget full of all your picks.

Toy Story
I was delightfully surprised by how adorable and fun this movie is. shafiii says this about her pick: "Toy Story is a classic that will always be remembered as a major part of my childhood."

The Iron Giant
About this movie swwonder says, "A really sweet, funny and heartfelt film. I'm not ashamed to say this made me cry like a big baby!" Trust me, swwonder, you are not alone in that!

Several more excellent movies, so read more

Monsters, Inc.
lady-T totally loves this movie, and I have to second her enthusiasm. The fuzzy monsters and adorable little girl make this movie irresistibly heartwarming.

Spirited Away
I am thrilled that Fab_Kitty bookmarked this movie! It's truly a whimsical, fantastical tale full of wonder and imagination. This Japanese movie has a distinctly different feel than the old Disney or modern Pixar films, but Fab_Kitty encourages you to check it out, saying, "Don't let the genre (yikes — anime!) prevent you from seeing this touching, imaginative animated film."

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