What's Buzzworthy: Addictive TV Shows

What's Buzzworthy: Addictive TV Shows

Wow, this was by far the most exciting Buzzworthy challenge ever! Asking about your favorite addictive TV shows yielded unprecedented results, and I can see you all feel as strongly as I do about your shows — you know, the ones you tell everyone about because they "just hafta see it as soon as possible!" Some of you bookmarked ones I've mentioned before for being the most gripping, cliffhanger-y shows in my collection, like "24" and "Alias." But there are many, many more TV shows bookmarked by you excited Buzz readers, so here are a few I've highlighted, and be sure to check out the widget after the jump to see all the bookmarked shows!

"Six Feet Under"
From the first amazing episode of "Six Feet Under" I was completely hooked. It looks like I'm not alone: Linda McP and firedancyr7 both bookmarked this one as a highly addictive series. Linda McP calls this "A masterpiece for sure. Oh how I miss the Fisher family and their dysfunction!"

"My So-Called Life"
gruaig_rua and yiddidea bookmarked this beloved series, and I must say it's probably about time I got another fix of Angela Chase. yiddidea writes, "Not many shows that only lasted one season have the following this show does. I loved it and was heartbroken when it was cancelled. I was definitely addicted and can't wait for the new DVD to be released!"

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One of the best shows ever for a long rainy weekend, every episode of "Lost" seems to end with that screechy violin music and a major cliffhanger. Many of you bookmarked Season 1, including yoWassup15, and smorzalli. Phil claims "Without a doubt the best first season of television that's ever been put out by a drama," while WhiplashGirlchild writes "This is probably the most addictive TV show EVER. The first season especially had me biting my nails, counting the minutes till Wednesday night. Although I think the show will never be as good as it was that first year, I still can't wait for February."

Mainly Obsessed, however, recommends this latest season, Season 3, saying, "Yet another 3rd season DVD of a hit show. Lost was intense this season. I would totally recommend pre-ordering it."

"The Office"
Somehow Steve Carell and the rest of the gang make painfully awkward situations hilariously addictive. Clearly there are some "Office" fans out there, seeing as this show was suggested by smorzalli, firedancyr7, CupcakeGal10 and Whiplashgirlchild. CupcakeGal says, "It makes you laugh while putting your own work life in perspective...all while making you fall in love with endearingly nutty characters."

"The Wire"
About her suggestion, Fab_Kitty writes, "Each season of the Wire has included a focus on a new subject (the shipyards, the public school system, etc.) and I'm especially excited about its fifth and final season which apparently will involve a closer look at mass media."

"Veronica Mars"
Sensing a trend here, many of the most addictive shows do tend to have an element of mystery to them that keep you feverishly watching. "Veronica Mars" is all about mysteries which makes it a most compelling — and satisfying — series. Of her pick, KerryG says, "My cousin and I watched the first season together on her days and evenings off and had a grand time speculating together about who killed Lilly Kane. (Neither of us got it right, which just goes to show what lousy private eyes we'd be.)"

All the addictive TV shows bookmarked:

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