The Walking Dead Trailer For New AMC Drama Series

The Walking Dead Trailer: Zombies Get the AMC Treatment

The panel for AMC's new zombie drama, The Walking Dead, was one of my favorites at Comic-Con last month, and the electrifying trailer was the highlight. It's finally here to share with the world, and I'm excited that you guys get to see it.

The four-minute-long preview introduces you to protagonist Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln, whom you may be swooning over come Fall) and his plight. Severely injured in a shootout, he wakes in the hospital to find the world wiped out . . . and zombies taking over. Get a taste of Rick navigating the world of The Walking Dead and let yourself be engrossed by the story, entranced by the killer music, and a little freaked out by the "walkers."

The series premieres (appropriately) on Oct. 31, Halloween night. Watch when you read more.

Photos courtesy of AMC