Video Preview Clips of Harper's Island on CBS

First Look: Harper's Island

Harper's Island, which starts next week on CBS, is doing things a little differently than your standard TV series. Not only do we know its start date (April 9), but we also already know its end date (July 2). And it's best not to get too attached to any of the characters, as one by one, they're all getting killed.

The series finds a group of friends and family reuniting on an island off the coast of Seattle for what should be an idyllic wedding between Trish (Katie Cassidy) and Henry (Christopher Gorham, playing a character with an awfully familiar name). But there's just, y'know, one minor problem: The guests are all dying at the hands of an unseen murderer, revealed only in the final episode.

It's an interesting premise, but I have a feeling a lot will depend on this show's execution. Will it be creepy, haunting, and captivating to the point that I have to keep watching to know the identity of the killer? Or will it be cheesy and over-the-top? I'll be curious to find out next week, but for now, to check out a few of the promos CBS has been passing around and all the photos introducing us to the island's characters, just read more.

Photos courtesy of CBS