VH1's Best Week Ever on Hiatus Until January 2010 and May Be Canceled

VH1 May Cancel Best Week Ever — Would You Miss It?

Best Week Ever, VH1's weekly show skewering pop culture, may be on its way out. At the very least, the show will be off the air till January 2010 (though its companion, Best Day Ever, is scheduled to return in the Fall). Even host Paul F. Tompkins, who took over the show solo late last year, says he doesn't know what VH1 is thinking and the show's staff — including him — can't wait until 2010 for work.

Since Best Week Ever typically doesn't take months off at a time, there's speculation that this is the end for the show, which started in 2004. Then again, maybe it will just reinvent itself and come back in a new format. But I'm wondering what you think: Has Best Week Ever run its course? Or is there still life in the idea?

Photo courtesy of VH1