Up All Night Season 2 Set Visit | Pictures

The Up All Night Cast Gives Us a Sneak Peek at Season 2

Luka Jones is joining the cast this season as Reagan's brother, Scott. Scott and Chris will join forces on a contracting business, which the cast hinted will more than likely lead to some clashes and comedy within the family.

During the panel, Luka talked about being the only one among his castmates without kids of his own. "I don't have any real purpose to my life. That's all," he joked. "I can't be tied down with kids, so I've given a few up for adoption."

Up All Night's second season promises some life-altering changes for the Brinkleys, and this week, we swung by the set during the taping of the show's upcoming premiere episode. Warning: a few spoilers lie ahead! The season kicks off with the unceremonious cancellation of Ava's talk show, putting both Ava (Maya Rudolph) and Reagan (Christina Applegate) out of a job. Meanwhile, fans can expect a new face on the sitcom: Reagan's brother, Scott (Luka Jones). With Reagan and Chris (Will Arnett) trading roles as the stay-at-home parent and the breadwinner, Chris decides to start a business venture with his brother-in-law.

Click through to hear more from the show's cast and producers on what's ahead this year and to see Maya and Christina in action filming a scene from the premiere episode. Up All Night returns to NBC on Sept. 20.