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"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 13, "In or Out"

"Ugly Betty" Recap: Episode 13, "In or Out"

Does "Ugly Betty" know how to do a twist or what? After weeks of anticipation, the show finally revealed who's behind those bandages — and it's definitely not who I expected. Meanwhile, Hilda briefly turns her kitchen into a baking business after Herbalux gets recalled, and Christina weighs whether she should move to the dark side when Wilhelmina asks for a favor. Beware of spoilers, but for the scoop on "In or Out," read more

So I, like most of you, was sure the big twist would be that Fey Sommers hadn't died in that fiery car crash after all. But no! "Ugly Betty" threw us a good one at the end of Thursday's episode by revealing the bandaged woman to be Alex — make that Alexis — Meade, Daniel's brother (er, sister), who apparently just had a sex change instead of falling to his death from a helicopter. We've been told Alex was the family's golden boy, so I can't wait to learn more about what caused him to turn against his family and side with Wilhelmina.

Which brings us to the crux of this week's episode, which is Wilhelmina deciding who's in and who's out once she's in charge. She puts Amanda in the "out" pile over Marc's protests. Betty, meanwhile, is trying to cheer Daniel up after his return from "Rio" (aka, hiding in his apartment, eating take-out and moping over Sofia's betrayal), and after he turns down an invitation to ogle swimsuit models at a casting session, she decides Daniel needs a date. "I'm going to get Daniel a new horse to ride," she says, adding "That didn't sound disturbing in my head."

Amanda, of course, is not thrilled to have to share the assistant's job with Betty. But Betty still pulls off a coup by arranging a dinner for Daniel with the model Gisele — "Just think," Betty tells him, "if you become a big power couple, they'll call you Gisaniel!" Marc shows Amanda the secret in-or-out board in Wilhelmina's office, and when it dawns on Amanda that she's about to be out, she phones Gisele's reps pretending to be Betty and cancels Daniel's dinner.

Meanwhile, there's some drama at Betty's house. Hilda loses her job when Herbalux gets recalled, and even the lowest-cut tank top isn't helping her get another gig. She decides to start a business selling her dad's cupcakes, but after they stay up all night making 500 treats, she realizes a home bakery wasn't the best idea.

Daniel arrives at the restaurant alone and is besieged by paparazzi who are thrilled to see him being stood up. When Betty discovers Gisele's not coming, she runs down to the restaurant and dines with Daniel herself. The two show off for the photographers, then slip off to a karaoke pizza place in Queens where they sing "I Got You, Babe." They look at Manhattan from across the river, and Betty reveals that she saw her crush, Henry from accounting, kissing a model at the Christmas party. Things seem to get a little flirty here when Daniel tells Betty she's better than any model.

Wilhelmina, meanwhile, needs someone who's not too closely associated with either her or Daniel to give the police the evidence implicating Bradford in Fey's death. She sets her sights on Christina, who was firmly in the middle of the in-or-out board. Wilhelmina suggests that Christina might make Mode's showcase of up-and-coming designers for Fashion Week if she does the favor. Christina says she'd rather make it on her own, but she later relents and agrees to deliver the envelope.

Amanda also backs off, giving Betty back her desk and telling her that whether she's "sitting on a chair, or a stool, or a donkey," she's Daniel's assistant. Then she goes back to the reception desk, steals the phone earpiece from her replacement and reassumes her position at the center of Mode.

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