Trivia About Movies That Were TV Shows

Name That Movie: Movies Based on TV Shows

We're jazzed about the upcoming release of Dark Shadows, and while we were researching a bit about the 1960s TV show that inspired the movie, we realized just how many movies have been based on TV shows. Thus, the theme of this week's Name That Movie quiz is movies that have spawned from television series. Think you know your stuff? Give it a shot!

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Name that movie:
The Beverly Hillbillies
Charlie's Angels
The Brady Bunch Movie
Starsky and Hutch
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Name that movie:
McHale's Navy
The Mod Squad
The A-Team
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Name that movie:
21 Jump Street
Miami Vice
Reno 911: Miami
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Name that movie:
Sex and the City
Josie and the Pussycats
The Muppets
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Name that movie:
The Addams Family
Get Smart
Inspector Gadget
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