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Name That Movie: Tough Girl Edition

With Katniss catching fire [1] at the box office and Divergent's Tris about to give her a run for her money, tough girls are definitely en vogue. We're saluting these badass chicks with this week's quiz. Can you match the picture to the tough girl behind it? Give it a shot!

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Name that movie:
Pulp Fiction
Death Proof
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
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Name that movie:
Sucker Punch
Resident Evil
Aeon Flux
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Name that movie:
Charlie's Angels
G.I. Jane
Fast & Furious
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Name that movie:
Aeon Flux
The Goonies
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
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Name that movie:
G.I. Jane
Million Dollar Baby
The Fighter
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