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TV Trivia About New Girl and The Vampire Diaries

Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Can you hear that? That's the sound of the week coming to a close. Spice up the last work day of the week with a little TV quote quiz! See if you can guess which dialogue came from which primetime character.

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"You're here, you're queer, and I'm used to it."
Bree, Desperate Housewives
Jay, Modern Family
Stanley, The Office
Russell, Rules of Engagement
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"I'd say good riddance but we're still stuck with him."
Amanda, GCB
Alicia, The Good Wife
Julia, Smash
Bridget, Ringer
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"You've never seen me throw a party. Everyone's going to go home from this, and they're going to have sex."
Naomi, 90210
Megan, Mad Men
Kenny, Eastbound & Down
Pete, Bent
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"You know I love low stakes, classic '80s sitcom danger!"
Payson, Make It or Break It
Virginia, Raising Hope
Gus, Psych
Max, Happy Endings
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"Long story. Wait for the movie."
Richard Castle, Castle
Damon, The Vampire Diaries
Brooke, One Tree Hill
Harold, Person of Interest
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"You know what the issue is with the world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic."
Diego, Alcatraz
Jefferson, Once Upon a Time
Patrick, The Mentalist
Eddie, Grimm
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“Look at them! They don't know what Saved by the Bell is and they've never felt pain."
Hank, Californication
Bobby, I Just Want My Pants Back
Missy, Up All Night
Nick, New Girl
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"Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, but 100 percent of make-your-own-sundae bars end in happiness."
Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory
Whitney, Whitney
Abed, Community
Liz, 30 Rock
TV Trivia About 30 Rock and New Girl
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Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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