TV Trivia About New Girl and Best Friends Forever

Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's celebrate the end of the week with our usual tradition, testing our prime-time knowledge with a TV Quote Quiz! See if you can figure out which characters said which lines this week.

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"You fold like a lawn chair."
Jess, New Girl
Cricket, GCB
Joan, Mad Men
Julia, Smash
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"I have told you a thousand times, I would love to ride a tandem bike with you."
Ben, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Castle, Castle
Lennon, Best Friends Forever
Booth, Bones
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"I'm carbo loading for my 10K against literacy."
Ava, Up All Night
Steve, Shameless
Tracy, 30 Rock
Shirley, Community
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"I'm not from here. I'm a slave to the truth."
Mr. Gold, Once Upon a Time
Tyrion, Game of Thrones
Marty, House of Lies
Arthur, Touch
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"Don't judge me for being efficient."
Bree, Desperate Housewives
Lloyd, Breakout Kings
Melanie, The Game
Pete, Bent
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"I'm a god. It's killing her."
Jeff, Rules of Engagement
Nathan, One Tree Hill
Mark, Grey's Anatomy
Patrick, The Mentalist
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"Not to sound tacky, but can I ask you a rich person question?"
Nick, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Lola, Gossip Girl
Juliet, Psych
Mike, Last Man Standing
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"I haven't seen anything that unnecessarily complicated since the third season of Lost."
Stephen, Scandal
Raj, The Big Bang Theory
Harold, Person of Interest
Jane, Happy Endings
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