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TV Trivia About Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother

Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Just because it's Friday the 13th doesn't mean we're blowing off our weekly TV Quote Quiz! See if you can match each quote to the prime-time character who said it. The more new TV you caught this week, the better you'll probably fare!

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"New York is about the work you do, not the work you've had done."
Rachel, Glee
Zoe, Hart of Dixie
Jessica, Best Friends Forever
Liz, 30 Rock
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"I know you don't think so, but I'm a good person."
Amanda, GCB
Karen, Smash
Chloe, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Sally, Mad Men
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"These are hangover eggs. See, they'll either stop you from throwing up the rest of the day, or you'll just throw up right away. It's high risk/high reward."
Cathy, The Big C
Max, 2 Broke Girls
Jess, New Girl
House, House
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“Friends are such an important part of life.”
Booth, Bones
Shirley, Community
Rodrigo, The Borgias
Lord Varys, Game of Thrones
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"We do not negotiate with terrorists. Especially ones from Florida."
Danny, Hawaii Five-0
Lieutenant Horatio, CSI: Miami
Lily, Gossip Girl
Travis, Cougar Town
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"What's crazy is the way you fixed my shower head so that it has the pressure of a low-flow bidet."
Cameron, Modern Family
Ava, Up All Night
Dallas, Suburgatory
Dwight, The Office
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"I'm KFC, baby. You don't mess with the Colonel's recipe."
Holder, The Killing
Mike, Mike & Molly
Barney, How I Met Your Mother
Burt, Raising Hope
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"No more using my sister like a database. We broke her."
Jackie, Nurse Jackie
Lauren, Make It or Break It
Meredith, Grey's Anatomy
Bridget, Ringer
TV Trivia About New Girl and Best Friends Forever
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Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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