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Weekly TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Have you been on top of your TV-viewing game this week? We can't all be primetime geniuses, but I'm willing to bet you remember a lot more than you think you do. Test your skills by seeing if you can match each quote to the character who said it this week.

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"That is how you wrap a son of a bitch in wool."
Schmidt, New Girl
Jeff, Community
Aaron, Revolution
Bobby, Dallas
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"The way you were dressed, I thought you were a rapper's publicist or something."
Sherlock, Elementary
Megan, Body of Proof
Casey, The Mindy Project
Jane, The New Normal
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"Is this where they shot Deliverance?"
Dylan, Bates Motel
Ryan, Go On
Kelly, Chicago Fire
Dean, Supernatural
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"There's only one thing I hate more than lying, and that's skim milk, which is water, lying abut being milk."
George, Suburgatory
Castle, Castle
Henry, Psych
Ron, Parks and Recreation
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"You had me at lethal injection."
Harrison, Scandal
Cristina, Grey's Anatomy
Carter, Person of Interest
Ryan, The Following
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"I go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes."
Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory
Kevin, The Office
Phil, Modern Family
Monroe, Grimm
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"My only encounter with drugs was with a pot brownie my freshman year. By mistake! Which could have been fun, except I'm allergic to nuts."
Felicity, Arrow
Alan, Two and a Half Men
Tom, The Carrie Diaries
Alicia, The Good Wife
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"So all shoplifters are magicians?"
Juliette, Nashville
Alex, Happy Endings
Ben, Southland
Jules, Cougar Town
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