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TV Quote Quiz 2009-10-02 16:00:19

Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Were you paying attention to your TV this week? More shows premiered, so it's time to try your hand at today's Who Said That Line? TV quote quiz. Each week I pull some of the most memorable lines from my favorite TV shows, and it's up to you to figure out who said it. Ready to test your knowledge (or guessing power)? Good luck!

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"I'm not some drunk sorority chick. You can't roofie me."
Cappie, Greek
Chuck, Gossip Girl
Damon, The Vampire Diaries
Ted, How I Met Your Mother
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"I'm a girl who knows her solvents, and your breath smells like rubbing alcohol."
Bree, Desperate Housewives
Emma, Glee
Angela, The Office
Lexie, Grey's Anatomy
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"Ask my father if he'd like a tie or a lawsuit for his birthday."
Naomi, 90210
Peter, Fringe
Claire, Modern Family
David, Melrose Place
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"You had to clip my wings which you used to be the wind beneath"
Cameron, Modern Family
Blair, Gossip Girl
Rachel, Glee
Marshall, How I Met Your Mother
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"Judging by the size of the sock on the doorknob, I didn't want to knock."
Casey, Greek
Arizona, Grey's Anatomy
Georgina, Gossip Girl
Turtle, Entourage
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"You're comparing the merger with Schindler's List?"
Oscar, The Office
Hunt, Grey's Anatomy
Don, Mad Men
Carlos, Desperate Housewives
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"Sometimes the smartest people don't think at all."
Jay, Modern Family
Johnny, Entourage
Leslie, Parks and Recreation
Michael, The Office
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"I don't do well under pressure. This is why I couldn't be a spy. I get all hivey and honest."
Pam, The Office
Jonah, Melrose Place
Navid, 90210
Dan, Gossip Girl
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Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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