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TV Quote Quiz 2009-03-27 16:30:54

Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Were you paying attention to your TV this week? Well, try your hand at this week's Who Said That Line? TV quote quiz. Each week I pull some of the most memorable lines from my favorite TV shows, and it's up to you to figure out who said it. Ready to test your knowledge (or guessing power)? Good luck!

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"I miss you. I want to spend time with you. Now move the creamed corn and do me!"
Rebecca, Brothers and Sisters
Gaby, Desperate Housewives
Lexie, Grey's Anatomy
Sam, Private Practice
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"Dishonest? Bad news? He can't be any worse than you."
Veronica, Better Off Ted
Jack, 30 Rock
Landry, Friday Night Lights
Blair, Gossip Girl
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"What is this, Horseville? Cause I am surrounded by naysayers."
Tracy, 30 Rock
Michael, The Office
Barney, How I Met Your Mother
JD, Scrubs
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"I love the smell of Burbank in the morning."
Turk, Scrubs
Robert, Brothers and Sisters
Big Mike, Chuck
Pete, Private Practice
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"He worships the ground you walk on, he does everything you say, and you allow him to be seen with you."
Robin, How I Met Your Mother
Julie, Friday Night Lights
Lynette, Desperate Housewives
Serena, Gossip Girl
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"This is a dream that I have had since lunch, and I am not giving it up."
Ted, Better Off Ted
Morgan, Chuck
Nate, Gossip Girl
Michael, The Office
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Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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