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TV Quote Quiz 2009-02-20 14:30:24

Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

With the Oscars fast approaching, I've been thinking mostly about movies this week, but I still had time to squeeze in a few of my favorite TV shows. Were you paying attention? Well, try your hand at this week's Who Said That Line? TV quote quiz. Each week I pull some of the most memorable lines from my favorite TV shows, and it's up to you to figure out who said it. Ready to test your knowledge (or guessing power)? Good luck!

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"I am dating Anne Frank, and I'm tired of it."
Thirteen, House
Lexie, Grey's Anatomy
Wilhelmina, Ugly Betty
Naomi, Private Practice
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"Two percent? We don't drink that. That's wrong!"
Bree, Desperate Housewives
Ignacio, Ugly Betty
Robert, Brothers and Sisters
Lorraine, Friday Night Lights
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"Well, life is brief and mostly sucks. Gotta grab all the good you can while you're on this side of the dirt."
Edie, Desperate Housewives
Kath, Kath and Kim
Cristina, Grey's Anatomy
Wilson, House
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"You're a wuss. Part wimp, part puss."
Casey, Chuck
Mark, Grey's Anatomy
House, House
Sawyer, Lost
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"I can't read! It's my secret shame."
Amanda, Ugly Betty
Kim, Kath and Kim
Ben, Lost
George, Grey's Anatomy
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"We're trying to help you find love. Dirty, nasty, filthy love."
Marc, Ugly Betty
Kitty, Brothers and Sisters
Morgan, Chuck
Landry, Friday Night Lights
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