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So You Think you Can Dance Recap: The Top 8

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Top 8 Work It Out

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, we learned what inspired each of the contestants to become a dancer, and my personal favorite story was Will's. When he talked about seeing Patrick Swayze's moves in Dirty Dancing for the first time and wanting to do that too, I could totally relate! The difference between us, though, is that Will went on to be discovered by Debbie Allen, and I went on to . . . recap SYTYCD.

There was hardly an unpleasant word spoken last night (save for the ones after Comfort and Mark's second dance, but more on that later), as all the dancers trotted out their A-game for routine after routine. I did have to cringe, though, when Mary tried to start one of her feedback segments with a bit about finding "Ashton" because she thought she'd been "punked." Oof. that just fell pretty flat. I love Mary when she's sharing actual dance feedback and insight. I just wish she'd leave the comedy to the experts.

But enough about that. Let's chat about who looked adorable trying his hand at hip hop, the best dance of the night, the dancers in danger, and who Nigel thinks has the biggest "bum" in the competition! To see my thoughts, read more.

There was one routine I enjoyed so much I hit rewind and watched it twice: the first dance from Katee and Twitch. That was hands-down the most fun of the night, and I loved the story that went along with it. Plus, Katee was a little Winehouse-esque with the beehive and wing-tipped eyes. Both dancers should feel plenty safe tonight.

Coming in a close second place for me behind Twitch and Katee's contemporary dance was Courtney and Will's samba. On the shallow side, seeing Will move his hips like that was just so hot. They also blew the judges away with their slowed-down hip hop routine to an Alicia Keys song, and Will turned in a truly memorable and amazing solo. I loved that he did something different with that James Brown impersonation — it was definitely unexpected and was the kind of thing that viewers (and voters!) remember.

Joshua and Chelsie are really memorable in the chemistry department. Their personalities not only shine through on the dance floor but they're also the only two whose studio segments I remember clearly. They make a great team, and they're probably safe. Plus Nigel couldn't help but point out Josh's booty size, which can't hurt.

Comfort was pretty lucky to draw hip hop again, and her routine with Mark was entertaining. Mark was pretty cute trying to keep up, and he definitely held his own on stage. Comfort got smacked down a little, though, when Nigel told her she needs choreography because her solo was weak and unfocused. Things got worse for the pair when the judges weighed in on their foxtrot, with Nigel calling it "amateurish" and Mary calling one move the worst she'd ever seen. The two of them ought to be worried.

So what do you think? Has Comfort's luck finally run out, or do you think she has yet another life in this competition? Which pair was your favorite last night? And do you remember any other solo other than Will's?









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