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"So You Think You Can Dance": The Top 16 Compete

"So You Think You Can Dance": The Top 16 Compete

There's only one word to describe this week's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance": DRAMA! I'd read that this taping was a total disaster, so I was quite curious to see what would transpire on that stage. Along with all the great dancing, we had: 1) a very public Cedric smackdown, 2) a fainting Jessi, and 3) a guest judge (dance legend Debbie Allen) who clearly wanted to jump the bones of every male dancer on stage. Yup, quite a night.

In the midst of all the drama, there was also some fantastic dancing. Hok and Jaimie — especially Jaimie — redeemed themselves for me this week with their crazy jazz number (hey choreographers: what's with all the bird references this year?). Sara and Jesus totally rocked their krump routine, and they continue to be one of my favorite couples. And I love Sabra and Dominic more every week; they've managed each of their styles with grace, and I think Dominic gains them a few more votes every time he opens his mouth for another goofball comment.

I have a feeling Shauna and Cedric will end up in the bottom three tonight — and that's a shame for Shauna, who held her own with some tough Mia Michaels choreography while Cedric mostly just emoted in the corner. It seems like the judges really regret their decision to keep Cedric in last week, and they're ready to boot him at the first available opportunity. He got some pretty harsh criticism after the performance, but he took it calmly; he also might have gotten a Debbie Allen dance scholarship out of this, which is great, even if Debbie's profession of love for him was a little awkward. I think it would be funny, though, if voters put them through to the next round; I think Mary's eyes might literally turn into lasers.

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Lauren and Neil also might end up near the bottom this week. I like them both so much individually, but they've never really gelled as partners, and their tango seemed sloppy and not at all sexy. Anya and Danny's hip-hop routine seemed way too restrained to me — not surprising, given their backgrounds in very controlled, technical kinds of dance — and I'd also put them in the bottom. Pasha might have a hard time getting through without Jessi, who fainted and was in the hospital having tests done for some kind of heart problem at the time of the taping, but he performed well and I think he'll get the sympathy vote, at least.

If she's well enough to perform, Jessi will have to "dance for her life" tonight (which seems like a crass thing to say under the circumstances, doesn't it?). Given the "Hey lookee! My undies!" nature of her solo last week, plus the judges' concern for her health, I can't imagine she'll be sticking around. I hope for Shauna's sake that she and Cedric aren't in the bottom three, but we already know that if they are, Cedric's going home.

Which dancers did you like? Do you think the judges are being too harsh on Cedric? Predictions for what will happen with Jessi?









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