So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Top 12

The top dozen So You Think You Can Dance dancers took to the stage Wednesday for one of the series' true milestone performance shows. The next cut is the difference between going on the national tour and staying home, so a lot was on the line — and, even for those couples who do survive, this could be their last time dancing together. So, we entered the night with a lot of questions: Would anyone obviously dance their way into the top 10? Would anyone clearly deserve to miss out? Would the judges ever say anything to Jessica besides how painfully inferior she is to the fantastic spectacle of a human being that is Will?

It was another packed night — though not as packed as last week — with each couple dancing twice. And if there's one couple who owned the night, I'd say it was Courtney and Gev. They pulled off a sexy cha cha (choreographed by Pasha and Anya, holla!) and a high-energy jazz number, coming away with near-universal praise from the judges for both. They've been building slowly over the weeks, but all of a sudden I think they're one of my top two or three couples. Courtney has an athleticism that she brings to everything she does, and Gev always finds a way to make things fit his style (which can't be easy when your style is "breakdancing ice skater"). They almost always leave me with a smile on my face.

After that, well, much like last week, some couples managed to pull off one number but not both. Jessica and Will turned in a fantastic contemporary routine themed on Adam and Eve that made the judges actually praise Jess for a change; then, they performed a quickstep that led Mia to say Will looked tired from propping Jessica up all this time (yeah, gee, if only she had more confidence . . . ). Katee and Joshua were just so-so in their too-bouncy waltz but should get points just for taking on the show's first Bollywood routine and selling it so well. Even Mark and Chelsie didn't meet their usual standard this week, with Mark taking the brunt of the criticism (though I actually disagreed with the judges and thought he was the more expressive dancer in their Broadway number).

And then there was Twitchington. Could this be the crowd favorites' first time in the bottom three? To see what I think, just read more.

Twitch truly is amazing at what he does. His krumping was so tough, so dirty, so powerful that I'm willing to forgive Kherington for not keeping up. She actually held her own pretty well for a while but then fell behind at the end, looking slow and sloppy instead of aggressive and nasty. Still, I would have let them both slide through for that number — as the judges did, perhaps a little too easily? — had they not delivered one of the most boring tangos in the history of everything. I don't know how much of that was their fault and how much was the choreographers' for giving them such a slow, plodding number, but regardless, it was dull and dreary, so out of character for the two of them. Their fan base is ridiculously strong, and I guess we'll see just how strong tomorrow night; I wouldn't be shocked to see them get a bottom-three scare.

They'll almost certainly be joining Comfort and Thayne there. One of the most overused words on SYTYCD is chemistry, but the truth is, they don't have it naturally and haven't been able to manufacture it in the two weeks they've been together. They were on the bad side of the judges already, and Wednesday's comments were particularly brutal. It will be interesting to see what happens in the solo round, though; Mia loves Thayne and all but told him he would have her vote. Is there another guy who could be heading home instead?













As for the third spot in the bottom three, I'd guess we'll see Jessica and Will there, but it really could be anyone; this is when the eliminations start to get really hard. Who do you think we'll be seeing the last of tomorrow?

Photos courtesy of Fox


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