So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 6

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Top 6

So You Think You Can Dance moves so fast, doesn't it? It seems like only yesterday we were choosing the top 10; next week, we'll be picking America's Favorite Dancer. There's just one more stop along the way, and that's next week's finale — so on Wednesday, the six remaining dancers made their cases one more time.

And make their cases they did — even Mark, against whom I was still holding a little bit of a grudge after Will's elimination. There wasn't a single routine that I thought flopped. Admittedly, it helped that bubbly Adam Shankman was judging; when he's at the table and in a good mood, everything is lollipops and cotton candy. But even without that, Wednesday's show probably would have seemed like the strongest night of the season to me. It was a combination of great choreography, partners who worked well together, and the high stakes of needing a great showing to make the finale. To see who I thought did enough to get there, just read more.

Going into Wednesday, I assumed Courtney and Mark would be the next two dancers to go. But now I'm not so sure, since the two of them delivered my favorite routine of the night: that French burlesque jazz routine choreographed by Sonya. It was like what would happen if Tim Burton choreographed a dance routine, all tousled Sweeney Todd hair and darkly sexy torn stockings, and they performed and sold it incredibly well. It stood out even more in contrast to their first routine, a light and romantic waltz, which was also danced well and ultimately helped to show how versatile they were.

Twitch and Chelsie also had a good night, especially Chelsie, who had the good fortune to dance in her specialty (come to think of it, so did everyone last night) and show off those legs again in a fast mambo. The judges lauded her for moving so quickly she made her sequin-and-feather dress come to life — and she managed to overshadow Twitch, who couldn't quite pull off all the technical aspects of the routine and seemed to be thinking too hard. Their hip hop routine later was more in Twitch's wheelhouse, but since it had such strong character elements as well, Chelsie held her own.

And finally, we got to see the reunion of Joshua and Katee, which was, unsurprisingly, delightful. After so many weeks together, they have a connection that no other couple can fake, and it showed in both of their routines — actually most in the paso doble, which was strong and passionate and fiery (and featured a shirtless Joshua, which, you know, helps). It was the first routine, though, with Katee's leap and Joshua's near-perfect mid-air catch, that I think booked their ticket to the finale.

Will it come down to the solos? Joshua's was actually my favorite of the night; it took a while to get going, but when it did, it was lightning-fast. Twitch showed great character (those glasses! that grill! the look on Cat's face when she tried them both on!), but he might have been wise to show more dancing at this stage. Mark's didn't do much for me (I wish he'd just do "Bohemian Rhapsody" over and over again), but it was weird and quirky, and that's his thing. I thought Chelsie's solo was maybe her best of the season, though the trouble with ballroom solos is it's hard to tell them apart. Courtney's solos are typically my favorite, but this time around, I think she and Katee were pretty close in that category.

In the end, I honestly can't pick an ideal final four. My first thought is Twitch, Courtney, Katee, and Joshua — but that would leave out Chelsie, whose versatility probably rightfully earned her a spot, and Mark, whose offbeat spirit I really respect. In reality, I think Chelsie will edge out Courtney, and Mark will probably sit out the finale, too. What do you think? Who will it be?







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