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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 18 2008-06-19 09:32:03

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Top 18

It's week two of So You Think You Can Dance, and we're starting to know the remaining 18 finalists a little bit better. We can see which couples are working well together and which aren't really feeling the chemistry. And we can see who are the judges' favorites (Will's gonna be in the top four, get it?) and which dancers have to struggle for recognition (Matt's kind of adorable; why does Nigel think he lacks personality?).

I never would have guessed that after two weeks of competition, Katee and Joshua would be my favorite couple. But right now, they're two-for-two, having hit another standout routine last night. Their Broadway dance was a total joy — as Nigel said, entertainment at its finest. (Anything that can inspire Nigel to go that crazy with the yelling and the dancing in the aisles has to get my vote.)

Courtney and Gev made up for their subpar disco last week with a contemporary routine that I thought was performed with skill and passion. The judges disagreed about whether the emotion was believable — but I mainly cared about how well they partnered together and how darn cool all those lifts were. I'm starting to think Gev is this year's Dominic: He's a breaker who can turn it on in other styles, and he makes lots of comments about pretty girls. Meanwhile, Chelsie H. and Mark managed to turn their sweet big brother-and-little sister dynamic into a passionate tango with some of the coolest footwork I've seen on the show in a while. And Kherington and Twitch cemented their status as favorites with their waltz, which came complete with a moving story from Jean-Marc. They simply glided in their pure white outfits, and I think they'll get some sympathy votes as well after Mia bizarrely tore into Kherington for her smile. Not that those two need sympathy votes.

Others, though, didn't fare as well. To see who I think is in danger of going home — plus check out photos from all the dances — just read more.

Oh, Susie. The judges ran on and on about how she wasn't living up to expectations — but I don't think many of us at home had such high expectations of her in the first place. She brought so little fire to her salsa, and Marquis didn't, or couldn't, do much to help out. I was hoping she'd surprise me and they'd be able to pull off a tough routine, but no. I think those two are in trouble tonight.

Chelsea T. and Thayne could be joining them in the bottom. The concept of their dance was cool, but it boiled down to a lot of character and not a whole lot of dancing — nothing too impressive compared to what came later. I suspect being first will hurt them, too; a so-so routine with a lukewarm reception from the judges probably puts them in danger. Kourtni and Matt were disappointing this week, too, with a foxtrot that was cute but seemed a little too fake. Last week, I thought Matt let the couple down; this week, Kourtni couldn't quite sell her part. It wouldn't surprise me to see either Comfort and Chris or Jessica and Will in danger of elimination, either. Both couples got hammered for their krump/hip-hop routines not being hard-hitting enough, but if it were up to me, I'd pass Jessica and Will through — mostly because Chris krumping with those hanging-down butt suspenders was sweet, not tough, and because I really wouldn't mind seeing Comfort do a solo.

Which couples are your early favorites? Are there any you think the judges hammered unfairly? And who do you think needs to go home tonight?










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