So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Final Six

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Final Six

It seems like only yesterday we were choosing our top 20, and yet all of a sudden, the top six dancers on So You Think You Can Dance were performing on Wednesday to claim a spot in the finale. The finale? How is that possible? I feel like I've barely gotten to know these people!

And maybe that's a problem. As Nigel said in the intro, the dancing has been incredibly strong this season — but no dancers have really broken out as stars. He suggested we've been voting for choreography rather than for the dancers performing it, and I think there's some truth to that. I'm not sure this season has a clear favorite or a feel-good story — and that makes it harder than usual for me to guess who will be making it into the final four. Which dancers do you think are in?

I've taken a stab at guessing who's safe and who's out after Wednesday's performances, so if you're ready to chat about it and see pictures of all of the night's routines, just read more.

Ade and Jeanine's samba — When this routine started, I was expecting it to be a blast — hot, high-energy, exciting. Instead, once they got into the routine, the energy kind of died. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until Mary pointed out that a samba is supposed to roll; instead of that, these two looked bouncy and a little amateurish. Nigel said Ade needs to adapt better to different styles, and Lil C said he was sad the partnership didn't pop.

Evan and Melissa's Broadway — Well, this was fun. It didn't blow me away, but it was cute and solid. It seemed like a spark was missing — a lack of chemistry?— but the dancing was impressive. I loved Melissa's light and floaty quality, and Evan has the movements and facial expressions of Broadway down. Lil C wanted to see Evan take control, but Mary thought they were strong, and Nigel was glad to see Melissa adapt and Evan do well in his style.

Kayla and Brandon's contemporary — Issues of personality or adaptability aside, these two are probably the strongest dancers technique-wise, and it was great to see them finally paired together. All of their movements and transitions seemed perfectly placed, but I was most impressed with how the intensity of the emotion came through. Lil C said it was beyond fabulous, Mary wanted to keep them both on the hot tamale train, and Nigel wished they could have been paired sooner.

Jeanine and Ade's hip-hop — Oh, NappyTabs. Moving boxes — cause they're moving, like the song says? Heh. Anyway, this routine was fun to watch, and I'm surprised how much I like Jeanine when she's doing hip-hop. She and Ade were in sync, and they didn't let the boxes be a distraction. (I especially liked the part where they danced in/on them.) Lil C liked Ade's groove, Mary said they wouldn't be getting evicted from the show, and Nigel said they got down.

Melissa and Evan's quickstep — Weirdly, I think this routine suited the Broadway style of these two dancers even better than the Broadway number did. I noticed Melissa more (maybe it's the height?) and thought she carried her part of the routine well, though it seemed to lose energy in the middle, before the big final lift. Lil C thought Evan danced big, Mary was disappointed to see the routine deflate in the middle, and Nigel said it wasn't one of the night's best.

Kayla and Brandon's disco — Man, how did Brandon end up with disco twice in a season? This routine looked exhausting, and I'm surprised Kayla managed to get enough air to keep dancing with that smile on her face. I loved the double death drops and Brandon's flip at the end, and they managed to convince me they were actually having fun. Lil C said something about how they had no fear and darkness, Mary went crazy with the yelling, and Nigel did some jumping and screaming of his own.

The solos — Kayla was a little flail-y for my tastes. Ade's solos are still a favorite. This was Melissa's best solo by far. Brandon amped up his audition solo and seemed truly shocked by his standing O. I wonder if the sex kitten route was really the way for Jeanine to go. Evan once again reminded me why he's still here.

The groups — I am loving Sonya's choreography right now, and these two routines were probably my favorite of the night. They had a power and an energy that I'm not sure anything else in the night could touch.

Best of the night — Besides the group routines, I loved everything Brandon and Kayla did (except Kayla's solo), Melissa's solo, and Jeanine and Ade's hip-hop the best. I think Brandon and Kayla will be through to the finale with no problems.

In trouble — If I were a betting girl, I'd bet on Melissa going home. I think Evan should be out, but I wouldn't be shocked if Ade went home instead.

Photos courtesy of Fox