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"So You Think You Can Dance": The Final Six

"So You Think You Can Dance": The Final Six

We're coming into the home stretch on So You Think You Can Dance and if last night was any indication, it's going to be hard to pick just one winner. Keep in mind that tonight's result show has been preempted by preseason football, so despite the fact that the dancers will know who goes home today, the show won't air until Monday. For those of you who want to know right away, I'll get you the results sooner if possible. Throughout last night's six couples performances and six solo performances there was really only one low point — Pasha's absurd and baffling solo dance with the mannequin (not to be confused with his decently cool hip hop dance with Lacey acting like a mannequin).

Sabra, again, continued to be amazing. Her solo was good, but I think her jazz with Neil was the routine of the night for me. She just shows so much more personality than anyone else on the stage, and it feels genuine, not forced (ahem, Lacey). Sabra and Neil's Paso Doble was the best of that style of the season and the judges certainly loved it. In fact, it earned Neil his first seat on Mary's Hot Tamale Train. To hear more of my thoughts and see a gallery of photos from the night just read more

Speaking of Lacey, if I were a Lacey fan I'd be a little worried right now. Watching her solo, I once again thought how lucky she was not to have had to do a solo earlier in the competition; her dances just always look the same to me, with the same studied leg kicks and head flips and butt thrusts. I know she said in her video interview that it was really hard to be a mannequin in her hip hop routine, but to my eye, she didn't actually do much dancing and Pasha totally out danced her. Those two dances combined could leave her in danger, though from what I could tell her waltz was much better.

Is it strange that Lauren seems to be a better dancer when she's with a partner than she does when she dances solo? I find myself comparing her solos to Sabra's — and usually unfavorably, because Lauren doesn't have nearly the technique and control that Sabra does. But she looks like a different dancer with a partner, and her contemporary routine with Danny was one of my favorite performances of hers (even though it might have been a little too much running around). My only problem with that — and, frankly, with their disco routine — is that Lauren and Danny didn't seem to connect at all, and I'm not sure whose fault that is.

And ... Danny. Three weeks ago, I never could have pictured him making the finals; America hated him, and he was just barely squeaking by on the strength of his solos. Now, I think he's warmed up, loosened up, and become a favorite.

My guesses: Sabra and Danny are safe. If I had my choice, I'd drop Pasha and Lacey, but I'm not sure the rest of America will be with me on that.







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