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So You Think You Can Dance Final Four Recap

So You Think You Can Dance Rundown: The Final Four

So it's not exactly a secret that I can be a little sappy, but man, I was not expecting there to be so many moments in Wednesday's final So You Think You Can Dance competition show that would get the waterworks aflowing. From the "OMG last time ever!" look on Courtney's face at the end of the intro to that Celine Dion song playing when Twitch talked about the Viennese Waltz, Twitch patting the stage at the end of his solo to Mia's group hug at the end, well, it was a night perfectly constructed to turn me into a sloppy mess. If I were Mary Murphy, I'd use words like how privileged I felt to be able to be on this journey with them and watch them grow, but I can't scream that loud, and so I'll leave it at this: I can't think of another reality show where I've felt so close to all the contestants in the final four, and that includes the best years of Project Runway.

Of course, only one dancer will take home the title tonight, and so after the jump, I'll take it routine by routine, trying to guess who will stand out. In general, I thought Courtney and Joshua had their best moments early in the show but were obviously flagging by the end, while Katee got better as the night went on and Twitch had maybe his greatest night of the whole season. Want to chat? Just read more.

Courtney and Twitch — I laughed so hard at the clip of Courtney whining "Stay home and read with meeee!" as Twitch dragged her across the stage. She really seemed to embody the crazy ex-girlfriend character, and Twitch was (unsurprisingly) a dapper wannabe man-about-town. More impressive: Courtney kept up with Twitch better at hip-hop than I think any non-hip-hopper of the season has. This was definitely a highlight of Courtney's night.

Katee and Joshua — First of all: Wade Robson! Where ya been, dude? I'm glad he could clear his schedule long enough to come choreograph something for the finale — and yet, I didn't love this routine. I thought Katee and Joshua performed it well, and the closeness of their relationship definitely comes through in their dancing. But some parts of the routine were angular and interesting and fun, while others were just a lot of rolling around. It definitely showcased how versatile Joshua is, though.

Katee and Courtney — I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to have them wear giant badger tails of tulle. In rehearsals, the dance looked so spirited and fun, the leaps so big, that twisting-through-each-other's-arms jump so powerful. On stage, it seemed smaller and wimpier, and I would have to guess that tentativeness came courtesy of those giant messes hanging off their backsides. That said, this routine did show a difference between the dancer with more training and the one with less — Katee finishes all her movements just that much more than Courtney does.

Twitch and Joshua — First of all, one of these years, I'd like the girls to get a confrontational dance-battle-style routine and not a "oh, we're such delicate flowers!" piece; the guys seem to have all the fun. That said, this number was a joy to watch . . . even if it might have landed the two in the hospital over the weekend. The routine was definitely a better showcase for Joshua; he got to do all those gigantic leaps while Twitch did a lot of . . . walking around and staring at him.

Katee and Twitch — They definitely pulled a tough number, getting a foxtrot on the last night, but I'm glad it was one with a lot of character and not just technique that Mary could pick apart later. The two of them were light when they were supposed to be light, smooth when they were supposed to be smooth — and that lift at the end, when Twitch pushed Katee into the air all figure-skating style, was a definite wow moment.

Joshua and Courtney — Must be tough to draw a jive at the end of the longest night of this season, but they still managed to look like they were having a good time. The routine was sloppy, though, and they couldn't really sell it well, which is a shame for two people who have been known for their performances.

The group number — I'm with Nigel in thinking this number was sort of like "the Scottish Olympics," all kilts and plaid. It was fun to watch, but I didn't take the emotion as joy the way Mia probably intended — more like relief. Joshua and Courtney (coming right off that jive!) obviously had a tough time with their one lift, giving the edge to Twitch and Katee just for making it to the end without clearly showing their exhaustion.

The solos — Courtney's wasn't her best for sure, but she looked comfortable and strong. Twitch was totally back to doing his Twitch thing, more dancing than theater, and he couldn't have picked a better time. Katee delivered the first solo of hers I've liked since the auditions; it used the music really well. And Joshua was just a big bundle of joy, but he might have hurt himself by only giving such a small space to dance in; I expected more from him.

Whew, what a marathon — and all I did was type!

Going into the performance show, I thought it was Joshua's competition to lose; he'd grown so much, adapted so well, and been so charming that he'd simply have to get votes. But the last impressions we got of him weren't the strongest, and now I'm thinking it's got to be Twitch or Katee. You?







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