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"Shear Genius": Why Didn't Anyone Get a Weed Whacker?

"Shear Genius": Why Didn't Anyone Get a Weed Whacker?

"ANTM" was a lame recap episode this week, so I'm here to cover "Shear Genius" instead. If you’re not watching "Shear Genius," you should be. Last night’s episode was exactly the kind of fun I want from a Contest Reality Show. Random eliminations the contestants weren't warned about! Challenge winners forcing the others to suck up for favors! Random items usually found in the garage used for beauty procedures! I smell an Emmy!

For this week's Short Cut challenge all the little wannabes were forced to cut their creepy doll's hair into the infamous Meg Ryan Cut. That’s all well and good, but lest you forget that the judge is Sally Hershberger, the woman who gave Meg Ryan the Meg Ryan haircut (as you can tell from the pic above, she means business). After a demonstration from Sally, the cutters went to work and with about half an hour left, they were randomly told this would be an elimination challenge. The horror! Whatever, the haircuts all looked similar (duh), but Lacey got the ax. Good call, she should have been gone a long time ago.

Tyson won the Meg Ryan challenge, which gave him the first choice of model as well as ... wait for it ... hair cutting tool. Yes, this week the contestants had to use unconventional tools to style their women. Between last week’s celebrity hairstyle challenge during which many poor girls' hair was ruined, and then this, I'm starting to feel sorry for their models.

To check out the before/after pics, learn who won and who I deemed best wide-legged pants, who used what ridiculous tool to cut hair, and my two cents just read more

(From left to right, starting with the top row)

  • Tyson — Household Scissors
  • Theodore — Butchers' Shears
  • Tabatha — Child's Safety Scissors
  • Evangelin — Hedge Clippers
  • Dr. Boogie — Household Scissors
  • Danna — Household Scissors
  • Daisy — Box Cutter
  • Ben — Gardening Shears
  • Anthony — Wire Cutters










Evangelin won, which is pretty on point considering how impressive her model looked with such a difficult tool. I still contend, however, that the child safety scissors were the hardest (can't even cut paper with those things).

Mr. Fabulous, Theo, went home. Hey, at least he wasn't showing off his armpit hair this time.

Best Wide Legged Pants: Tabatha!

So what did you guys think?



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