"Shear Genius": Well, That Was Anticlimactic

"Shear Genius": Well, That Was Anticlimactic

Well folks, last night was the finale of "Shear Genius," what did you think? I'll start off by saying I'm having a hard time even really remembering what happened since it was so completely anticlimactic. But that's just me, and I was hoping for hair fireworks (hairworks?). I mean, they totally should have saved the wacky hair art challenge from the first episode for the end. Boo. Here's what went down and who won the title of Shear Genius:

The show started off in typical reality TV finale fashion with the 3 final contestants -- Anthony, Ben & Daisy -- talking about how completely thankful they are to have gotten this far in the competition. Awww! Right, from there they were introduced to the totally surprising shocking ohmygodisthatreallyhim special guest, who we all knew was coming, Vidal Sassoon!! After feigning surprise for a little, the contestants sat down and listened to VS talk a bit about his Katrina Hairdresser Charity and then introduce the final challenge.

For the final challenge the three contestants had to style three women. One woman's hair had to be colored. One woman had to get Vidal's signature haircut -- the Nancy Kwan cut. And one was their own inspiration. Together the three were to tell some sort of a story and somehow wardrobe was involved -- but come on, that was clearly make-up stuff to make the challenge look more complicated.

From there, it was reflection time for the three (seen above), in which they found inspiration -- in nature, obvs -- and Ben probably just thought about money. Because he wouldn't stop talking about it.

To see what happened, and check out all the final hair, plus learn the winner (yay!) just read more

The styling part was totally boring. Renee said "Let's Shake It Out" for no reason which for some reason bothered Ben to no end. Daisy's curling irons weren't on, which was probably her fault, but put a kink in her "story" which was about "The 'S' Shape." As you can see, thrilling stuff.

So here is the hair. With the themes. Aren't they totally obvious?

Anthony's Final Hair -- Modern Movement




Ben's Final Hair -- From Glamorous to Natural




Daisy's Final Hair -- The "S" Shape




The story part was pretty non-existent, and Daisy's hair was kind of a mess.

In the end, Anthony took the prize, which is boring, but probably the right move on the judges part.

There was champagne. The end.

What did you think? Were you as bored by the finale as I was? Do you think Shear Genius will be back for another Season? And most importantly, does Evangelin still cut hair with hedge clippers?

Photos Courtesy Bravo