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"Shear Genius": Seriously, Put the Hedge Clippers Down

"Shear Genius": Seriously, Put the Hedge Clippers Down

This week's "Shear Genius" featured one of the greatest yelling, screaming, obscenity-laced fights I've ever seen on reality television, and it was all because of ... hedge clippers? Yeah. Evangelin got a little too attached to her gigantic shears this week and insisted on continuing to cut hair with them, thus leading Danna and Tabatha to school her on the difference between "a technique" and "a gimmick." Rene Fris finally let her down gently by pointing out that it's slightly unprofessional to point hedge clippers at an unsuspecting client's head just because you can, but I wouldn't be surprised if people who go to Evangelin's salon will be getting hedge cuts from now on. And that's one of many reasons why I'm never going to Evangelin's salon.

For the Short Cut Challenge, the stylists had to cut their models' hair into a style that could go from day to evening in under five minutes. Boogie — who, to my great disappointment, did not wear scrubs in a single scene this week — attempted to bring the mullet back, while Ben basically gave his model the same haircut she had to start with. His model's evening look was cute, though, so I'll give him a pass. Danna's cute braided 'do got top honors, which I support, because it meant getting to hear more of her awesome accent.

The elimination challenge was to create a red carpet look for Vanessa Williams, who I expected would lay the smack down on anyone who threatened to give her a "hair don't." She was surprisingly mild-mannered, though — no Wilhelmina Slater here! — which was disappointing, because wow, some of those stylists did some really bad prom hair. To see for yourself, read more

Here are the results (top row: Daisy, Dr. Boogie, Ben, Danna; bottom row: Tyson, Tabatha, Evangelin, Anthony):









I'm pretty bummed that these pictures weren't shot from the back, because that's (to quote "Ugly Betty") where the tragic happened. Ben's updo melted into a puddle of gross, while Boogie's looked like some sort of futuristic helmet. Evangelin had the worst disaster of all, with weird straight-then-curly tendrils and a big poofy top and a horrid rat tail in the back. Unsurprisingly, she was eliminated.

Danna won with her elegant updo that reminded me of woven ribbons. Yay, more accent!

Next week: From the looks of the preview, it'll be a battle of the platinum blonds — Tabatha and Tyson. I would not want to get in Tabatha's way; that woman is fierce.



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