Shameless Season 4 Spoilers

Shameless: How Messed Up Is Each Gallagher?

Shameless: How Messed Up Is Each Gallagher?

In the world of Shameless, no one can be happy for long, so it's no surprise that the Gallagher clan isn't all rainbows and sunshine in the upcoming season four premiere. When we last left the Chicago family, absentee patriarch Frank was escaping the hospital in the dead of Winter after rejecting treatment for his alcoholism, Jimmy — the honorary Gallagher — was walking on a boat to meet his death, and Ian was heading off to the military. The girls were a bit happier, with Fiona finally moving on with her new boss, and Debbie standing up for herself, but in general, no one is holding their breath for a happy ending.

To prepare for the show's return, we've put together a catch-up guide of how all of the Gallaghers and their closest friends are doing heading into the premiere. Spoiler alert: they're all messed up. But just how badly? We've rated each of 'em on a scale of 1 to Frank, aka 10, with a few spoilery tidbits about the first episode.

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