Sexy Pictures of Shrek VMan Spread For Shrek Forever After

Bizarre Buzz: Shrek and Co. Get Sexy For VMan Magazine

There are a multitude of fun ways to promote the upcoming Shrek Forever After, but I didn't expect this one: in the upcoming issue of VMan, photographer Ellen von Unwerth has "shot" the animated cast amid a bevy of edgy, sexy models. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss in Boots even pose like they're the latest, hottest starlets and studs, which is kind of funny . . . but also just kind of weird.

Is the VMan audience the same as the fourth Shrek's? Are we supposed to be find them (ugh) provocative? It seems like a strange way to work Shrek into a men's magazine, but check out the images and let me know what your reaction is. If you're feeling saucy, caption them!