Ryan Gosling Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Ryan Gosling Edition

I'll take any excuse I can to champion Ryan Gosling, but the release of his new film, Gangster Squad, is a pretty good one. Have you seen every film on the stud's resume? Go ahead and test your knowledge by matching the picture to the corresponding title. Good luck!

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Name that movie:
Half Nelson
Murder by Numbers
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Name that movie:
The Believer
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Young Hercules
Remember the Titans
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Name that movie:
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
Frankenstein and Me
Blue Valentine
The Notebook
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Name that movie:
All Good Things
The Ides of March
The United States of Leland
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Name that movie:
Lars and the Real Girl
Breaker High
The Unbelievables
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