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Romantic Comedy Clichés

Let's Name All the Romantic Comedy Clichés We Can Think Of

This week, The Office star Mindy Kaling took on romantic comedies for The New Yorker, both declaring her love for the genre and criticizing some common clichés, like the portrayal of the heroine as a beautiful klutz, or as an "ethereal weirdo." She's right on, and as if on cue, the second New Year's Eve trailer dropped, with its own spate of rom-com conventions. Since many of us are guilty of loving bad movies despite their formulas and predictability, I want you to name as many romantic comedy clichés you can think of. Here are a couple to get you started: the opposites who are obviously meant for each other (The Proposal) or the beautiful woman in love with the guy who somehow doesn't notice her, despite her aforementioned good looks (27 Dresses). Your turn: name as many clichés as you can, whether they annoy you, please you, or remind you what kind of movie you're watching.


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