Review of the Season 6 Premiere of Project Runway on Lifetime

How Do You Feel About the Project Runway Season 6 Premiere?

We've been busy all month determining the best contestant of Project Runway thus far with our awesome bracket, but last night we had a new batch of designers to follow. Between the all-star challenge and the actual premiere, I was a bit exhausted after three hours of gorgeous clothes and big egos. Overall though, I thought Lifetime did a great job of keeping the show we know and love intact. Here are my other thoughts on the big night:

  • Let's tackle the all-star challenge first: I know that most of the designers were back to promote themselves and their new work, but after a while the quick bios started to feel like full-on ads for clothing lines, books, bands, perfume, etc.
  • Of course, the banter and egos were hotter than ever. My personal favorite line goes to Santino: "Project Runway didn't make me; I made Project Runway." Santino Rice really is always in, after all.
  • "Tim Gunn's cold black heart" was kind of amazing.
  • Well, at least we got a couple of hours of pregnant Heidi before going back to the Season 6 time machine.
  • To chat more and see a ton of photos, just read more.

  • So, who does a better Tim Gun impression: Santino, or our very own Molly?
  • Aw, I was so happy that Daniel won in the end! His cocktail dress was my favorite of all the looks on the runway, and I can't wait to see Nicole strutting down the red carpet in his design.
  • And on to the main event! I was pretty happy with the overall result of the premiere. The look and feel were the same, and even in LA, the show stayed true to the first five seasons. In fact, I probably wouldn't have been able to notice a difference without those Lifetime movie commercials.
  • The cast feels pretty eclectic this year, but is it just me or are there more PYTs and fewer hipsters than usual?
  • Oh man — the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards were almost a whole year ago. I wonder if they thought they were fooling people.
  • Ari annoyed me right from the start, so I was happy to see her go. On the other hand, I felt like Mitchell scored himself a free pass since that Victorian ombre thing was not working, and he didn't really make a dress.
  • It's always so hard to pick favorites at the beginning when there are so many contestants, but I really liked Christopher (though, crying already?), Louise, and Ra'mon.
  • I was proud of Lindsay Lohan for holding her own as a judge, but I kinda could envision in her Ari's futuristic getup. Also, the look on her face when Qristyl mentioned LL wearing her flashy dress down the red carpet was priceless.

So what did you think? Was it better than you expected? Worse? Who are you early favorites?

Photos courtesy of Lifetime