Reader Comments Over This Week's TV 2010-05-02 07:00:00

Community Blabber: TV Topics That Got You Talking

Normally I direct you guys back to my recaps with my Buzz Blabber guide, but this week, you guys had so much to say about this week's TV episodes that I'm letting you do the talking. Check out which shows spawned the most chatter!

Glee: Great Episode, or Total Snooze?

  • "I thought the episode was a complete snooze fest from the after school special story lines to the fact that every single song they sang had the same slow tempo." — kimmieb124
  • "I think you may be being a tiny bit too hard. While I do feel the show went from hilarious to depressing so quickly (last weeks ep to this weeks ep), I like that they're touching on serious issues and not constantly mocking the "frivolous" lives of high schoolers." — kismekate

For more of the heated debates and general reader outcry, just read more.

Did Siobhan Deserve to Get Kicked Off American Idol?

  • "Clearly America got it wrong!!! The only really threat to the judge proclaimed winner Crystal (who sings only folk songs) is eliminated. Mike was easily the worse singer."— coachalb
  • "Coach, I think America got it right, so I guess it's not as clear as you seem to think it is. Siobhan started out OK, but she slipped a little each week. I actually thought she was pretty bad this week (her pitch was all over the place). I was shocked when the judges liked her this week. — lilkimbo
Little J.'s Hair on Gossip Girl Causes an Uproar

  • "ick..what have they done to taylor's hair?!?! she looks like lindsay lohan!" — redchick152
  • "I thought the same thing when I watched the show — her hair looks so stringy! Awful."— jenwils01
  • "that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!!" — yeokr

Shock Over Taub's Philandering on House

  • "SUPER PISSED at Taub. omg I was fuming!" — Rainey 4 Pres
  • "Put me down as SO pissssed off at Taub as well. What an A-Hole. I think Rachel is so cute! And she luves him. I can't believe the writers are taking it in this direction. I mean it's okay for House to be a Jerk, but not Taub! I used to really admire both his character and his 'character' (leaving a high-paying career for love of his wife) and now THIS. Ughhh!." — Jaquie

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