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Quote Quiz From This Week's TV Shows 2010-04-16 16:30:47

Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Though a few shows are still in reruns, the new episodes that were on TV this week made up for their absence. With them came some beloved characters armed with their best quips — were you paying enough attention to tell me who said what?

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"I'm not breaking up with you, I'm just saying: please stop Super Sizing, because I don't dig on fat chicks."
Barney, How I Met Your Mother
Puck, Glee
Damon, The Vampire Diaries
Coop, Nurse Jackie
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"We are a food-free household."
Amanda, Ugly Betty
Blair, Gossip Girl
Kelly, The Vampire Diaries
Jenna, 30 Rock
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"She hasn't been out of her room in days. It's like living with Howard Hughes."
Travis, Cougar Town
Eleanor, Gossip Girl
Cate, Life Unexpected
Frank, 30 Rock
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"I may not look like a bruiser, but I can bruise if need be."
Dan, Gossip Girl
Phil, Modern Family
Navid, 90210
Davis, Accidentally on Purpose
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"One day I'm gonna be a grandfather and then everybody better hide their meat."
Michael, The Office
Phil, Modern Family
Crosby, Parenthood
Mark, Grey's Anatomy
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"You know, in Thailand, in China, in Costa Rica, and in many other places where monkey crime is an extremely common occurrence, their social dynamics are predicated upon stealing!"
Dwight, The Office
Marshall, How I Met Your Mother
Ron, Parks and Recreation
Morgan, Chuck
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"I always hold eye contact with people, it totally freaks out my gyno."
Laurie, Cougar Town
Gaby, Desperate Housewives
April, Parks and Recreation
Sue Sylvester, Glee
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Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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