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Quiz on TV Show Quotes

Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Happy almost Halloween! It's been a long week of spooky episodes of our favorite shows, but do you remember all the best one-liners? Take our quiz before you head out to make mischief this weekend!

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"You better back that pumpkin ass up or I will make pie."
Blair, Gossip Girl
Shirley, Community
Sarah, Parenthood
Kelly, The Office
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"I can see the connection already. BFF Facebook buddies."
Phil, Modern Family
Robin, How I Met Your Mother
Chuck, Chuck
Michael, The Office
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"Whatever dude, if it's too loud, you're too old."
Kenny, Eastbound & Down
Puck, Glee
Mia, Better With You
Jules, Cougar Town
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"Either I've been out of school too long, or the People magazine crosswords have gotten harder."
Adrianna, 90210
Liz, 30 Rock
Todd, Outsourced
Gaby, Desperate Housewives
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"He's kind of like my better half. Not the better-looking half, mind you."
Mark, Grey's Anatomy
Cam, Modern Family
Lily, How I Met Your Mother
Molly, Mike & Molly
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"Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?"
Lux, Life Unexpected
Katherine, The Vampire Diaries
Jonathan, Bored to Death
Marti, Hellcats
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"Ain't no carpool lane to sexy."
Dan, Hawaii Five-0
Andy, The Office
Sam, Glee
Navid, 90210
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"The pleasure I get from witnessing your shame is considerable."
Andy, Weeds
Chuck, Gossip Girl
Jack, 30 Rock
House, House
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Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

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