Quiz on Scary Halloween Movies

How Well Do You Know Halloween's Scariest Movies?

I know we've been on Halloween overload the past few weeks, what with our costume ideas, TV sneak peeks, and more. But we can't help it — we love this holiday! Now it's time to test your knowledge on some of Hollywood's classic horror films.

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In Psycho, why does Marion steal $40,000?
She wants to buy a motel.
She wants to re-tile her shower.
She wants to marry her boyfriend.
She wants to move to Europe.
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What is the nickname of the incurable virus in 28 Days Later?
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What is the name of Carrie's prom date in Carrie?
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In The Ring, how many days do viewers of the cursed videotape have to live?
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In The Sixth Sense, how did Kyra (Mischa Barton) die?
She had a deadly virus.
She was hit by a car.
She was poisoned by her mother.
She committed suicide.
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What A-list actor made his film debut in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street?
Johnny Depp
John Travolta
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
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What horror movie features a boy with an imaginary friend named Tony?
The Omen
The Shining
The Orphanage
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Who directed the original Halloween?
Wes Craven
John Carpenter
Stanley Kubrick
Mike Myers
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Which of the following does NOT happen in The Exorcist?
Regan wets herself at her mother's dinner party.
Regan crabwalks down the stairs.
Regan drinks her mother's blood.
Regan's head spins around.
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What is the name of Courteney Cox's character in Scream?
Gale Weathers
Gail Merriweather
Gale Winters
Gayle Summers
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