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Quiz on Popular Celebrity Twitter Tweets 2010-02-10 16:30:09

Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting Today?

You know the drill: take my new Twitter Me This quiz, and see if you can pair up some of the day's kookiest tweets with the celeb who wrote 'em. Best of luck!

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"I need to be good at Google Buzz. I refuse to be the one who is bad at it."
Mindy Kaling
Felicia Day
Aziz Ansari
Kevin McHale
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"Writing. Dying. Deadline. Hopefully, not in that order."
Kevin Williamson
Kevin Smith
Richard Kelly
David Wain
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"i just electrocuted myself plugging in my comp & my first instinct was to tweet about. I'm not sure which is more pathetic."
Nick Kroll
Ben Stiller
Rob Huebel
Kevin Nealon
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"It's hailing in Los Angeles . . . it makes going to Starbucks feel like 'Ice Road Truckers'"
Kat Dennings
Josh Groban
Ashley Tisdale
Peter Facinelli
Celebrity Twitter Tweets Quiz
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Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting Today?

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