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Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting Today?

How about a pop quiz for those Monday doldrums? (It's fun, I promise!) Just check out these Twitter quips from a few famous folks, and then guess who penned it. Good luck.

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Jewish fun fact: If you celebrate Passover on top of an overpass, you go back in time.
Conan O'Brien
Stephen Colbert
Sarah Silverman
Eli Roth
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This weather makes me want to throw my shirt off and run through a sprinkler with popsicle in hand yelling "look-it! Look-it!"
Pete Wentz
John Mayer
Josh Groban
Thomas Lennon
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My Red Carpet Facial consisted of burning acid, dry ice & the question: 'Are you claustrophobic?' They shuld rename it the Apocalypse Facial
Lake Bell
Demi Moore
Christina Applegate
Diablo Cody
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I thought i was being cute when I told my 3 yr old to "speak to the hand". But she was a little cuter when she replied, "Hello hand!" lol
Soleil Moon Frye
Busy Philipps
Joel McHale
Peter Facinelli
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