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Quiz on Favorite Popular Celebrity Tweets on Twitter 2010-03-24 16:30:10

Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting Today?

Ready for another edition of my Twitter Me This quiz? I've pulled some of Hollywood's most amusing tweets as of late — see if you can pair them with their proper celeb. Good luck!

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I think my dog may be trying to slowly poison me with her ass gas. I'm afraid to sleep.
Elizabeth Banks
Chris Colfer
Kat Dennings
Olivia Wilde
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This lady in starbucks is fake texting and taking a picture of me. I wish shed just ask cos I think she's getting only pants and shoes.
Ashton Kutcher
Pete Wentz
Jessica Simpson
Alyson Hannigan
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Lesson of the day... Windy days and mini shift dresses don't mix well.
Whitney Port
Nicole Richie
Lauren Conrad
Kristen Bell
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So amusing watching the flight attendants walk up and down the aisle to cop a look @justinbieber. Their inner teenage girl is swooning!
Giuliana Rancic
Paula Abdul
Mary Murphy
Felicia Day
Quiz on Celebrity Tweets on Twitter
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