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Quiz on Celebrity Tweets on Twitter

Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting About TV?

Celebs love to rant and rave about what's on the tube just as much as we do. In this edition of my Twitter Me This quiz, I'm featuring a few stars' thoughts about the TV shows they're watching. See if you can match up each tweet with its scribe!

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I just realized if you take the word 'amazing' out of the kardashian show its only 4 minutes long
Michael Urie
Kathy Griffin
David Spade
Alison Brie
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How can "Justified" be the name of so many things I like
Diablo Cody
Rainn Wilson
Aziz Ansari
Mindy Kaling
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The face I'd make right before a head-on collision is the same as the face I make every week when 30 Rock segues into The Marriage Ref.
Weird Al Yankovic
Joel McHale
Stephen Colbert
Sarah Silverman
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And maybe they should rename the show Minute to Lose Interest. Cause I'm over it already...
Bryan Greenberg
Lake Bell
Busy Philipps
Dax Shepard
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