Quentin Tarantino Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Quentin Tarantino Edition

Quentin Tarantino is riding high as his bloody Western Django Unchained enjoys its fruitful run at the box office. This week we're highlighting movies the Hollywood icon wrote, starred in, directed, or produced. Match the image to the title, and see how well you know Tarantino!

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Name that movie:
My Best Friend's Birthday
True Romance
Four Rooms
Jackie Brown
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Name that movie:
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
From Dusk Till Dawn
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
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Name that movie:
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Little Nicky
Hell Ride
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Name that movie:
Sin City
Inglourious Basterds
Past Midnight
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Name that movie:
Natural Born Killers
Django Unchained
Hostel: Part II
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