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Project Runway Rundown: Episode 4, "Trendsetter"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 4, "Trendsetter"

After last week's menswear challenge, I never thought there could be that much serious ugly (Laura, anyone?) again on Project Runway. That is, until this week's episode, when Nina Garcia gave the designers their challenge to update outdated trends. We're talking zoot suits, shoulder pads, and pleather. Serious ugly! But even funnier than the outdated trends was the fact that Jillian was wearing overalls, which just happened to be one of the passé looks. Oops.

This was definitely one of the most creative challenges of the season so far, but what I loved more was that it was a group challenge, with teams of three being instructed to incorporate their various trends into a cohesive line. Team challenges always lead to more intensity and drama, and boy, did these designers bring it — namely Victorya and Ricky, who couldn't agree on who was leading the team, and Jillian and Rami, who fought over how to manage Kevin's sewing pace. Oh, the joys of the group challenge.

To read more about each of the teams on last night's ProjRun (including my favorite quote of the night) and to see a gallery of all the looks, read more

Team Ricky: Ricky and Victorya definitely were the most dynamic duo this time around. Their collection's lack of cohesion reflected their differing opinions on who was leading the group. Elisa was just there for the ride, but, once again, she created one of the better pieces on the runway. She certainly surprised me. Victorya surprised me, too, and not in a good way. She usually creates one of the best garments, but last night her strapless dress looked a little like an ice-skating costume. Wrong challenge, Victorya!

Team Jillian: Jillian, Rami, and Kevin were asked to update overalls, '70s flare, and a poodle skirt. Talk about a haphazard bunch. Surprisingly the group was able to pull it off, despite Jillian and Rami's concern over Kevin's slow pace, and subsequently won the challenge. I'm beginning to think Jillian is one to watch. Unfortunately, I can't say she's one to listen to. She's such a bore.













Team Star (AKA Team Christian): Christian, Jack, and Kit paired up to update pleather, zoot suits, and fringe. The end result was a cohesive collection, but I agreed with Kit, who said the "fabrics were a little bit muted once they were on the runway." In the end, Christian's team's looks were strong enough to push them to the next round without the wrath of the judges. The same cannot be said for Team Chris. Even Christian proclaimed his disdain for Team Chris's collection with my favorite line of the episode: "But you never know. The judges might die over it, or they might die because of it." Love it!

Team Chris: Chris' team (Sweet P and Steven) was charged with updating shoulder pads, a baggy sweater, and dancewear. Donna Karan (the guest judge) really liked Sweet P's dress, and it was lovely but unfortunately — as Steven said himself — the looks were too "fragmented, separated." Ultimately, the judges thought Chris's shoulder pads were a little too literal and still an outdated trend. Therefore, Heidi bid him her auf wiedersehen. Chris wasn't my favorite designer, but I'll miss his hilarious commentary.

What do you guys think? Was the right person auffed? Did Jillian's team deserve to win? And, most importantly, were you surprised Ricky could make it a whole episode without crying?

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