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Project Runway Rundown: Episode 1, "Sew Me What You Got"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 1, "Sew Me What You Got"

Watching this week's season premiere of Project Runway felt just like old times. Tim! Heidi! Champagne toasts! Painfully obvious product placement! Talented people doing silly things under ridiculous time constraints! Welcome back, ProjRun.

This season brings 15 new designers to the show, and as always, it was a little tricky keeping them all straight. I'm sure in just a few weeks I'll know exactly whose personalities are the biggest, who's the underdog, and who's hanging around way longer than they should be (a la Wendy Pepper, Marla, and Vincent). But for now, we're just getting little tastes — and next week can't come soon enough! Here are my thoughts:

  • We hopped right into the action this year, no "Road to the Runway" audition special or prolonged introductions of the designers. Oh well; I guess if I want to watch the audition tapes, I can just do that online.
  • While I'm sure each of these designers will have their own personality in due time, right now it's hard not to assign them a match from the previous seasons' contestants — Steven being this year's Emmett, Carmen being this year's Kara Saun, etc.

I've got lots more thoughts, plus a gallery of all 15 looks, so if you're ready, just read more

  • Snap judgment: I will love Christian's cockiness ("I'm kind of a celebrity, in my own head") until week four, at which point I will start wanting to throw things at him.
  • Maybe it's because I'm still scarred from Vincent's prolonged stint on the show, but I got a little nervous when Sweet P described the show as her last chance, make it or break it opportunity. Next thing you know, she'll be emptying her 401K and making funny hats.
  • Did it drive anyone else crazy that Marion never looked at the camera when he talked?
  • Elisa: Eccentric, intriguing "rain goddess," or just batshit crazy? Discuss.
  • I can't believe they gave us an underwear shot of Jack in the first episode. I'm not complaining, really, but what do we have to look forward to now?

Now, as for the designs:















  • I'll leave the hardcore fashion smack talk up to Fab, but in this round, I was pleasantly surprised by Chris March, Sweet P, and Jack, and I was disappointed in Kit and Marion. I didn't like Jillian's look, nor did I like Christian's, but I can appreciate why others did. And I didn't really get all the love for Victorya's dress; she certainly should have been safe, but contending for the win?
  • The colors might have just been screwy on my TV, but I actually liked the jacket part of Simone's look. At the same time, ProjRun never likes playing it safe, and she definitely did that. I'm sorry to see her go, but I'd rather get another week of Elisa craziness. And, by the way, has Simone never seen the show? Saying you did poorly because you ran out of time is never, ever a good idea.
  • Oh, Heidi. On Elisa's dress: "Her model looked like she was pooing fabric!"
  • Rami's dress might not have been the most original, but it was completely gorgeous and his model looked like a goddess. I totally get why he was the first winner.

Your thoughts? Any early picks? And whose look ruled the runway this time around?

Photos courtesy of Bravo


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